Free and legal upgrade from win7 to win10 (on notebook)

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Where to find the ISO of Windows 7 and how to activate your windows 7 Home Premium (from notebook) ?

on the back of the laptop you can find your Product Key of Windows.
i have it named: «Windows(R) Home Prem OA CIS and GE»
and i find the .iso file with this version of windows 7, on google, by next query:
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 COEM CIS and GE
And after you install this windows 7 you also can insert your Product KEY on this version of win7.

Upgrade from activated windows 7 to windows 10 for free
On your actiovated windows 7 you need to download a Windows creation tool (windows 10) here:

And click to Download tool now

After you run this tool «Windows 10 Setup», you need create a USB flash:
1. Create installation media (flash usb…) — NEXT;
2. select your USB Flash drive where is windows 10 will be write — NEXT;

in bios setup set the boot from usb flash drive

and after restart the pc you can start the windows 10 installation
if earlier you have Windows 7 Home Premium you need select the Windows 10 Home distrib

after the full installed windows 10, you need set your Product Key:
1. right mouse click on the Start — Select the «System»
2. in System -> «About» tab — select «Chage product key or upgrade your edition of Windows»
3. in Activation tab select «Change prodct key»
4. Enter your Product key (from back of the laptop), and click NEXT, and after 1-2 minutes click to «Activate» button.
5. ok windows 10 now is activated by your key from windows 7.

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