Установка Windows Server 2016 на vps для OVH, Kimsufi, SoYouStart

8 Янв

Как установить Windows Server 2016 на OVH, Kimsufi или SoYouStart сервера.

Are you looking to install Windows Server 2016 on your server, and are you renting your server at OVH? That’s awesome! You can install Windows on your server free of charge besides license costs, but that is up to you, we only provide the template.

Please do note: this template might work on other servers at other providers as well (Online.net and Hetzner for example).

This is a 180 days Evaluation template, but you can still use your own license (if you have one).

Follow the steps to install Windows on your server just one simple command.

1. Boot your server in rescue mode.
2. Login with the SSH credentials which should have been sent to your email address (if on OVH).
3. Copy the command in the box below and paste it in the terminal, press enter and wait till it’s fully downloaded and unzipped.

wget -O- ‘https://mirror.joodle.nl/WindowsServer2016Evaluation-Template.gz’ | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda

Once fully downloaded and unzipped set your server to boot from the HDD again and wait till the Remote Desktop is accessible.

You can login using these credentials:

Username: Administrator
Password: Password147

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